"Building the Bridge from Science to the Market" 

Lisa Spiro

Principal, Strategic Planning

Oncology Specialist

Lisa has more than 25 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, specifically in Biotechnology and Personalized Medicine. An expert in every phase of BioPharmaceutical Marketing, the majority of Lisa’s career has been spent at Genentech and Monogram Biosciences (acquired by LabCorp Holdings).  Earlier in her career, Lisa worked in research for the Scripps Research Institute, and for a Biotech start-up company, Telios Pharmaceuticals.  Lisa’s experience spans the entire continuum of Product Development and Commercialization, from Preclinical Lead Optimization through Commercial Readiness, Launch, and Portfolio Planning. 

In her most recent industry role, Lisa was Senior Director – Marketing and Sales Operations at Monogram Biosciences (now LabCorp). In this senior Commercial leadership role, Lisa led the Strategic Marketing functions for Oncology and Infectious Disease Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostics Business Units.  Lisa led the Strategic and In-line Marketing functions for Oncology and Infectious Disease Personalized Medicine/Companion Diagnostics Business Units.  This included New Product Planning, Brand Management, Sales Operations, Marketing Communications, and Alliance Management for Companion Diagnostics.  Lisa was also the Companion Diagnostic Commercial Lead at LabCorp / Covance Clinical Trials Unit, reporting to the Chief Scientific Officer. In this role, she led the transition of PD-L1 testing to Commercial Launch for Keytruda & Opdivo, was a member of the Joint Steering Committees, and was an integral Launch Planning Team member for the Pharma partner.  Lisa also led the Launch efforts for other novel products that became integrated into standard of care, including a quantitative HER2 test for breast cancer, Trofile for HIV, and numerous drug resistance assays for HCV.

More recently, Lisa has advised BioPharma companies developing and commercializing Companion Diagnostics for Oncology Therapeutics, and was involved specifically with Diagnostic Assays that define eligibility for therapeutics, targeting PD-L1, c-MET, EGFRvIII, and PI3K, p95/HER2, as well as numerous gene expression signatures.

In an eight-year career at Genentech, Lisa was an integral Commercial Team member for Rituxan for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL), Herceptin for Breast Cancer (BC), and Avastin for Colorectal Cancer (CRC).  During this time, Lisa was responsible for all market development activities, defining and validating target product profiles, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the current and future treatment paradigms for NHL, BC, and CRC.  This allowed the Development teams to proactively integrate key success factors into the development plan; this included combination treatment strategies, level of efficacy and safety needed for competitive success, developing the KOLs who participated in the clinical trials into product champions, and monitoring the environment for current / future obstacles. 

Lisa was an integral member of a cross-functional team that developed and implemented the portfolio and life cycle planning processes for over 35 compounds and indications in development or on the market, using scenario planning and decision support tools. She was responsible for developing a strategic framework using commercial criteria combined with financial, technical and strategic criteria to rank each portfolio asset and indication.

Lisa holds a B.A degree in Physiology from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.B.A. from the University of San Diego.

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